Drink YourselfieTM

SIPMI is the unique patent pending product allowing you to easily place any image on top of beverages by the thousands in minutes.

Images remain perfectly in place even while drinking your beverage.

Serve your guests a memorable experience with drinks custom-printed with any logo or photo through the SIPMI APP direct to your drink!

How to Purchase SIPMI

There are two ways to provide SIPMI to your guests;

SIPMI DIRECT – Send your images to us and we will print and ship them along with the required patent pending SIPMI FOAM (vegan) for your team on the ground to make the SIPMI Imaged beverages;


SIPMI LR1 PRINTER – Purchase your very own SIPMI LR1 Printer and provide either SIPMI PRESET or SIPMI LIVE to your guests with the necessary SUPPLIES.

SIPMI images on drinks for your event are an incredible environmentally friendly way to create unique branding or a memorable experience for weddings, holidays, birthdays, mitzvahs, and more!

More Than

SIPMI Drinks Served to Date!


Make your event incredibly memorable.

SIPMI DIRECT – Simply upload your images / logos to our website and we send you the required SIPMI FOAM and prints for you to place easily on all your beverages – making one of the most popular guest experiences.

From event planners to individuals, SIPMI DIRECT is a quick and easy way to dramatically elevate the beverage experience at one-of-a-kind events and parties

  • Weddings – Engagement images on all cocktails
  • Birthdays – Major milestones, pictures,
  • Holidays – Themed images and pictures
  • Mitzvahs – Family, friends
  • Corporate – Honorees, award winners, corporate and sponsor logos by the thousands,


The Ultimate Game Changer in Beverages.

Print Photos and Logos on Drinks with the SIPMI LR1 PRINTER

From 20 to 10,000 guests, The SIPMI LR1 PRINTER easily delivers any image, either pre printed or live via your smart phone.

Pre print thousands of images in minute=s for your banquet team to setup SIPMI images on cocktails for the welcome tray pass!


SIPMI for Weddings

An incredible way to honor the story of the couple. From images of their engagement, table place settings with each guest on a beverage through to live pictures from the ceremony, SIPMI is an unforgettable wedding experience!

SIPMI for Corporate Events

From sponsorships to corporate logos SIPMI is an incredible way to promote your brand in a unique way

Unique Guest Activations

SIPMI elevates the photo booth experience to something quite unique. From table place settings to group images and cocktails, the SIPMI LIVE is a fantastic activation experience unlike any other.